Summer Teams - Your Squash/Racketball teams


Thank you for signing up for Summer Teams, we are delighted you have taken the decision to get involved with the biggest club tournament in the calendar and we are sure you will enjoy both the competition and the social aspect through the summer.

Your teams are listed below, if you have any questions or queries about the format of the summer teams this year, please speak to Vicki Evans, Lee Manning, Nick Whalley or Steve O'Donnell. Enjoy your sport


View the fixtures to see who you will be playing


Week 1

  Bumblebees Dragonflies Earwigs
1 Richard Bridge Dave Brown Dan Vile
2 James Williams  Dan Wignall  Barry Knight 
3 Tom Boyle -4 Lauren Worley +7 Austin Bryant -7
1 Anne Scott -4 Mark Hedge -25 Adam Steer -13
Ants Moths Spiders
1 Matt Whalley Darcy Boyle Nick Whalley 
2 Tim Dickinson  Vicki Evans  Rob Muddeman 
3 Julie Stevens -10 Keith Buckley -14 Billy Whalley -17
1 Malcolm Watts -5 Keith Dodson +10 Louise Kenny +14

Week 2

  Ladybrids Grasshoppers Praying Mantids
1 Dave Palmer Chris Stanley Ben Sutton
2 Jerry Paris  Steve O'Donnell  Andy Patrick
3 Sharon Brown +4 Alan Twelves 0 Richard Thomas 0
1 Steve Reynolds -17 Kev Lamacraft -15 Rose Wood 0
  Crickets Snails Butterflies
1 Steve Davey Dan Gough Luke Rudderham 
2 Tim Willis Matt Thomas Lee Manning
3 Emma Thomas +2 Scott James -7 Julian Amery -10
1 Kathy Bissel +8 Sally Mutton +6 Lisa +12


* Please note - Racketball matches and Squash #4 matches will be handicapped

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